Our quest for “Best Bloody Mary in Town” took us on a long and arduous journey with numerous types mixes.

For many years, we had to circumvent what was available from a diverse group of Southern California vendors, (ie. Supermarkets, Liquor Stores, Eateries, Farmers Markets, Tailgates, and our favorite local watering holes) !!
well received by all who had tried it
During this quest, we did come across several mixes that we liked; however, to our dismay there was always something missing from their taste profile and always needed one thing or another to bring it to that level of perfection. Also, most of the “custom blends” from some of our favorite eateries were having consistency issues mainly due to their formula being off just a little and also needing some additions as well. Out of frustration, we decided to research several mixes/formulas that met our approval and then decided to create our own formula with a special element that no other mix really had, “a kick” … We used our family, friends as the ultimate judges to see if what we had created would be as special to them as it was to us. They in return shared our mix within their circle of family/friends and so the brand ended up receiving a much wider range of sampling.
Our mix was so well received by all who had tried it, that we started receiving strong encouragement to share this mix with the masses. So with that level of support, we decided to create a company around our mix and made a commitment to always maintain a consistent mix that could be enjoyed by all without anything else needing to be added to it !!


Backyard Mary Bloody Mary Mix

Created and handcrafted over many years to meet the taste of its founders.


Best Bloody I Ever Had

Backyard Mary has been awarded as the best Bloody Mary mix in the world.


homemade 32 oz Mason Jar

Next was how to bottle it, and we thought what better way to keep the mix homemade.